Wellness and recovery has become a focal point for On Our Own of Maryland, Inc. In our efforts to promote equality in all aspects of society for people who receive mental health services, we have developed and currently work on various recovery-based projects in and around the state.

Anti-Stigma Project

The Anti-Stigma Project is a collaboration of On Our Own of Maryland and the Maryland Mental Hygiene Administration that fights stigma by raising consciousness, facilitation on-going dialogues, searching for creative solutions, and educating all participants within or connected to the mental community, including consumers, family members, providers, educators, and administrators.

Empowerment Partnership Project

The Empowerment Partnership Project (formerly known as The Recovery Training Project) aims to promote recovery within the mental health system through various interactive workshops both for consumers and providers. Our workshops provide opportunities to learn about the many facets of recovery to sustain hope in consumers within the mental health system, and further the adoption of the recovery paradigm.

Main Street Housing

Main Street Housing, Inc. relies soley on grants and private contributions for funding. We can accept monetary donations as well as real property, furniture, and household appliances. Because we are a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization all donations are 100% tax deductible. If you would like to support our efforts to continue to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing opportunities to individuals with psychiatric disablities, please click on the link below.

Maryland Transitional Age Youth Outreach Project

The Transitional Age Youth Outreach Project seeks to empower youth with mental health and/or substance use struggles to share their experiences and speak out about the kinds of help and services they’d like to see within the system where they receive care. This project hopes to foster an understanding that the life experiences of young adults are full of unique insights and that they are able to reach out and touch the lives of other young adults through peer support and to advocate for a behavioral health system which adequately addresses their needs and honors their voices.

Olmstead Peer Support Project

The Olmstead Peer Support Program was designed to respond to the Olmstead v. L.C. Supreme Court case, which ruled that the Americans with Disabilities Act may require states to provide community-based services rather than institutional placements. The goals of this program are to work with consumers currently placed in psychiatric hospitals to get prepared to leave facilities, assist them in understanding their options in the community and be available for follow-up after they have left the hospitals.

WRAP® Outreach Project

As part of the transformation of Maryland’s Public Mental Health System, OOOMD has implemented the WRAP® Outreach Project within our wellness and recovery centers and network affiliates. WRAP® is facilitated by our PEERS, people who have been through many experiences similar to our own and live in our communities. They have lived and worked WRAP® in their own lives and have seen the benefits. They have also been trained to facilitate WRAP® classes.