Empowerment Partnership Project

The Empowerment Partnership Project (formerly known as The Recovery Training Project) aims to promote recovery within the mental health system, by training both consumers and providers. We help transform Maryland’s mental health system by:

  • providing a collaborative recovery effort between providers and consumers;
  • promoting empowerment, knowledge, and self-determination for mental health consumers;
  • serving as a bridge in the gap between resources, skills and knowledge for both consumers and providers to enhance and direct recovery.

The Empowerment Partnership Project (EPP) is dedicated to helping transform the lives of consumers in the mental health system.  Our workshops provide opportunities to learn about the many facets of recovery to sustain hope in consumers within the mental health system, and further the adoption of the recovery paradigm.

The EPP offers training on a wide variety of topics:

  • Wellness strategies
  • Employment strategies
  • Creativity and recovery

Our workshops are not only an intellectual awakening, but also a catalyst for action.  The EPP offers a number of workshops to consumers that provide a variety of resources and tips to individuals to help them build and maintain a recovery centered life.  We currently offer:


“Achieving Health & Wellness Together”

Achieving Health & Wellness Together is designed to engage consumers to take an active approach in managing their physical welless through a series of workshops over a 6-week period.  The workshops in this course look at current dietary intake, physcial activity levels and daily habits of all participants to find ways of making simple switches that are healthier in choice and easy to do.  Topics in this workshop series will include: Assessing One’s Risk (including weight, Body Mass Index, and Waist Circumference), Importance of Physcial Activity, Food Journaling, Simple Switches to Food Choices, Planning Meals, Preparing Meals, Healthy Habits to Implement, & How to Stay Motivated.

The workshops above are free to mental health programs, clinics, or hospitals that receive full or partial public funding from the state of Maryland.  If you would like to setup a workshop for your program, please contact the Training Corrdinator at 410-646-0262 x20 or kmyers@onourownmd.org.


In addition to transformational workshops, we have partnered with Harford County’s Maryland Mental Health Network to provide benefits counseling with 5 of Maryland’s Ticket to Work agencies.  Benefits Counseling is an empowering tool encouraging consumers to realize employment is possible for them.  Our resident Benefits Counselor will meet with Ticket holders to prepare individualized plans and show individuals how to effectively use work incentives in order to transition from dependence on Social Security Benefits to financial independence.