Auntie Em’s Recovery Corner

Auntie Em’s Recovery Corner is a new peer support discussion board where folks can come together to share and discuss, thoughts, opinions and suggestions concerning various topics of recovery.  We would like to introduce to you our new host, Judith Kuzmak, who will be filling in for our former host Emily Hoffman (otherwise known as  Auntie Em).  Emily has unfortunately left On Our Own of Maryland to move back to Cleveland. Our new host, Judith Kuzmak will take her place and present monthly topics regarding a theme of recovery until we find someone to fill Emily’s position.
Our host Emily Hoffman (otherwise known as  Auntie Em) will present monthly topics regarding a theme of recovery.  Anyone with computer access can post their responses by sharing personal experiences, ideas and reactions.  Your comments will be posted on-line at the link listed below.  Replies and comments should lead to an exciting and spirited conversation.

To participate in the  discussion, please click on the button “Auntie Em’s Recovery Corner” that is below.  A new discussion will start in the first week of each month.

Rules for participating:

  • Be respectful and treat everyone as you would want to be treated yourself.
  • Be considerate. Rude or threatening language, inflammatory assertions, personal attacks, and other inappropriate communication will not be tolerated.
  • Avoid posting a message that is in all capital letters — it comes across to the reader as SHOUTING! Use boldface and italics sparingly, as they can denote sarcasm.
  • Keep messages relevant to the topic being discussed.
  • Keep in mind that threaded discussions are meant to be constructive exchanges.

Comments that are disrespectful, off topic, or contains any inappropriate language will be deleted from the discussion posts.